Thursday, February 25, 2016

February 10, 2016 -- EPA finalized revisions Renovation Repair and Painting Rule

February 10, 2016, per US EPA Renovator Certification may be done on-line without hands-on online.  
The on-line (e-learning) Renovator Certification is for 3 years from the date of course completion.   To qualify to take this class a Renovator has to have either: 8-hour Renovator Initial training certification with hands-on, or 4-hour Renovator Refresher training with hands-on. 

Taking the course without hands-on training is optional but once a renovator takes the course, their next refresher course must include hands-on training and be taken within 3 years of their previous certification. The certification from taking a course with hands-on training will last for 5 years.

You may read about this by clicking here

Public Health & Safety, Inc. is an US EPA accredited e-Learning Renovation Repair and Painting Refresher Course Training provider.  Register for this e-learning Renovator Refresher Course on-line by clicking here

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