Thursday, July 21, 2016

online (e-learning) RRP Refresher Lead Safety Training Course - Planning Ahead

Dear Certified Renovators,

Per EPA Renovation Repair & Painting Rule, an US EPA accredited training provider is not allowed to provide the online (e-learning) RRP Refresher Lead Safety Training Course certificate to students whose Certified Renovator certificates have expired.

If planned correctly the online (e-learning) RRP Refresher Lead Safety Training Course without hands-on will save contractor(s) money and time.  However, as several students found out, PHS is not able to issue the Certified Renovator certificates without a current previous RRP Initial or Refresher Lead Safety Training Course with Hands-on.  More information for registration is available on how to register for online (e-learning) RRP Refresher Lead Safety Training Course by clicking here.

We look forward in sharing our wealth of experience and knowledge in the lead safety training in this e-learning RRP Certified Renovator course.

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PHS online Lead Safety Training (e-learning Certified Renovator Refresher Course)

Dear Certified Renovators,

Public Health and Safety, Inc. online e-learning Certified Renovator refresher course is available online.  Students may take the course on their time schedule.  Based on the experience of the students that took the class, the lessons learned are summarized on this webpage presented here.

E-Learning EPA Renovator Refresher Course Without Hands-On (Online Lead safety Training)  
You may register for this online CLASS in two ways:
VIA our store, once you register you will be added to the  server manually within 24-hours, we will need your birthdate add that in the notes section.  If you register more than one person:  we will need their contact information, including first and last name, address, city, state, zipcode, phone, birthdate, email, etc.  To access the store link click here.